roozbeh nafisi

is an artist using improvisation to explore the moment and develop compositions. collage, mixed media and interdisciplinary are among words describing roozbeh's craft. his commonly used materials include sounds, words and visions. roozbeh nafisi plays santur and santur nimi (a half-size santur designed by him). he studied composition and santur in iran, california, germany, japan and austria.  

curriculum vitae: 

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bee-gaah society

promotes unorthodox artistic expressions. it was founded in 2020 in vienna by roozbeh nafisi, named after the bee-gaah style of santur playing he initiated in 2006 searching for new sounds and voices.  the persian wording bee-gaah means place(/time)less. 

romachi trio

is an ensemble of santur, erhu and woodwinds based in vienna. formed by roozbeh nafisi, chiao-hua chang and márton palatinszky in 2019, romachi trio concentrates on improvisation.